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I was having issues at work with sexual harassment. I wasn’t sure what to do about it and confided in a co-worker about the situation. He recommended that I contact the human resources department to file a complaint. After talking to him I approached the human resources department within my company to file a complaint. Upon approaching them, they acted like this was no big deal and they didn’t really want to bother with it. They actually even gave me the feeling that I was bothering them. I couldn’t believe how they made me feel. It was no shock to me that nothing was done and no contact was made with me about the situation after a week or so.

I waited around to hear something from the HR department and never did. The entire time I had to work with the person I filed the complaint about. I felt like he knew the complaint was filed and started to harass me in other ways. There were even several people within my department that stopped talking to me after I brought the sexual harassment issues to the HR department. After that week, I was called into their office and they told me to keep my distance. I asked how they were going to handle the situation on his end and they said they told him to do the same thing. I couldn’t even believe they were letting this happen to me. The work environment was stressful with other co-workers not talking to me and talking about me.

I told a friend of mine what happened and they asked me if I had talked to a lawyer about the situation. I told them that I had considered it, but I wasn’t sure where to turn. They told me I could search for employment lawyers in Montreal to find one to help me.

I went online and searched for employment lawyers in Montreal and came across a few different firms. I read lots of great things about OLS Quebec and decided to contact them to see if there was anything they could do to help me. They made me an appointment to come into their office and speak with a lawyer. They told me that I would need the complaint I filed with the HR department. Luckily, I had a copy of that complaint because I have a feeling it was no longer available within the company.

I met with the lawyer at OLS Quebec and they told me they would be able to help me. They quickly worked to get everything handled in a professional way which is a lot more than I can say for my employer. Within a month they had a resolution with my employer and the other co-worker that was working with me was fired shortly after that. I am glad I found this law firm because they were able to help me with the harassment I was experiencing at my job.

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